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"My favorite thing about Elementile is the number of options I have in every situation.  It always feels like there's a way to win, I just have to find it."

- Zachary Bange -



Utilize the power of base elements to summon an army of units and cast spells!  Take the fight to your opponent, advancing your army to their front door.  Beware, wielding elemental power comes at a great cost.  Make crucial decisions of which units and spells to sacrifice to build up your element pool.

Elementile was created with the goal of being a self-contained core set that offers a unique and replayable experience for both draft and constructed formats.  Giving each player full control over their resource progression allows for a large variety of decks and playstyles, adaptive and flexible play patterns, and creates more competitive matches.

Say goodbye to the woes of not drawing the right cards to participate.  In Elementile, the ability to engage with your opponent is always at your fingertips.

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The cast of 18 diverse heroes and 120 units and spells ensures no two draft experiences are the same.  Mix and match to find combinations that play to your personal style!

Which hero will champion your cause?

Who will you recruit to compliment their unique strengths?

What spells will you pack in your arsenal to achieve victory?  


Are you prepared for anything?

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